Developments in high throughput sequencing – June 2015 edition

This is the fourth edition of this visualisation, previous editions were in June 2014, October 2013 and December 2012.

As before, full run throughput in gigabases (billion bases) is plotted against single-end read length for the different sequencing platforms, both on a log scale. Yes, I know a certain new instrument seems to be missing, hang on, I’m coming back to that…

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Applications for PacBio circular consensus sequencing

I am a fan of the Pacific Biosciences PacBio RS sequencing instrument, as some of the readers of this blog maybe already are aware of. We use data from this instrument in our work, and the Norwegian Sequencing Centre – with which I am affiliated – offers the technology to its users.

PacBio recently increased their read lengths. With this so-called C2XL chemistry, average raw length is now around 4.3-4.5 kbp and maximum read lengths can go over 20kbp. These extra long reads are great for de novo genome sequencing applications, something we are trying ourselves. However, a bit buried in the news about these longer reads is the consequences for PacBio’s so-called Circular Consensus Sequencing, or CCS.

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