Welcome to my blog on Biology, sequencing, bioinformatics and more. I’ll post snippets of codes, ideas, perhaps discuss a paper or two, or write about anything else that I want to get off my chest. Basically, anything that happens ‘In between lines of code’…

My name is Lex Nederbragt and I work at the University of Oslo at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES). My salary actually comes from the Norwegian Sequencing Centre (NSC, http://www.sequencing.uio.no), a HTS (or NGS) sequencing provider of which CEES is one of the two hosts.

Research wise, I am interested in de novo genome assembly (e.g. for the cod genome project), and using genomes for evolutionary studies. For my bioinformatics work, I mainly use perl, awk, and sed and am just starting to learn python. Oh, and I am a MAC person…

On my other blog, I present a kind of manual for the newbler program from 454 Life Science. Newbler is written for de novo assemblies of 454 pyrosequencing data. On this blog, I might share some tricks and tips related to working with 454 data and newbler assemblies.

Finally, you might know me from the internet under my pseudonym flxlex.

LICENSE NOTICE. Unless prevented by existing licenses or otherwise, I release the material on this blog under a CC0 license. Feel free to use the material for the greater good. The license does not require a reference to the source, but I would appreciate it.

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